Warrington Cares

In 2023, #SocialCareFuture convener Neil Crowther worked with filmmaker Leighton Wise and colleagues from Warrington Council to tell well-framed stories about the diverse and valuable roles adult social care played in the borough.

In 2023, Social Care Future convener Neil Crowther worked with filmmaker Leighton Wise (who has since produced several films for Social Care Future) on a project to convey the breadth, diversity and value of adult social care in Warrington.  Drawing on #SocialCareFuture’s framing research and guidance, interviews with key actors in Warrington, gathering local stories and analysing key information and data, Neil developed a messaging brief for the council, worked with Leighton to frame the overall pitch for the films, as well as taking part in some of the filming.

Neil says ‘With the films we wanted to tell deeply human stories that showed the transformative role that social care, at its best, can play in people’s lives.  We wanted the voice of people who draw on or work in social care to be at the forefront of these stories, and we wanted to get across how this was happening for all kinds of different people  and all sorts of different, interesting ways, across Warrington: that adult social care was a fundamental part of the fabric of Warrington life.’

Warrington, like every other area, is facing deeply challenging budget challenges.  The Council is currently using these films as part of its communications campaign about its budget to explain how it spends money raised through council tax.

Here are three of the stories:

Getting our lives back on track – Dave’s story 

Living safe and well in the place we call home – Robin’s story   

Meaning, purpose and connection – Creative Remedies




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