Dementia Diaries

Dementia diaries aims to promote dialogue and change attitudes by sharing audio diaries of people’s diverse personal experiences of living with dementia.

A ride with the top down sets the scene for a lovely morning for Jacqui.

Hello its Jacqui from Stockport near Manchester.

Well my Rascal 385 with the cover on it: it’s not charging up and, er, when I go on it as soon as I get out the back gate the indicator goes down so I’m not really confident that I will get there and back any more. So, today I needed to go to the GPs up the road to do a blood test and I thought I’ll go in my wheelchair. I know I’m really embarrassed to go to the doctors in my wheelchair, I don’t know why, I get really embarrassed. So it’s the first time I have been, and you know what, as I was going up – now it’s going up Hyde road not down to Homebase and Morisons, it’s the other way – because I was not in the mobility scooter with the cover over it, I could see all the birds, and I could see all the trees and I was going the other way, there was no cars.

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