#SocialCareFuture responds to Bristol City Council’s ‘Fair and Affordable Care’ consultation

#SocialCareFuture believes the draft policy put forward by Bristol City Council risks people being deprived of their right to choose where and with who they live and being forced instead to move into institutional care, against their will.

#SocialCareFuture has submitted a response to a consultation by Bristol City Council concerning the Council’s proposed ‘Fair and Affordable Care’ policy which we and many others believe to be unlawful and completely at odds with our vision of everyone being able to live in the place we call home.

The policy, if implemented, risks compelling people with the most significant need for support to move into institutional care against their will.

Thanks to local campaigners including Bristol Reclaiming Independent Living the council’s plans have received extensive media coverage including this BBC News piece on the impact of Bristol’s proposed policy.

You can read our download our submission here



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