Building People Power

Come and build people power in Manchester on September 19th A social Care Future to help build national and local people power

Our latest gathering is about making sure disabled and older people get their voices heard when decisions are bring made about social care at all levels. As part of this Social Care Future, with In Control are investing in supporting people to grow the knowledge, skills, strategies and tactics they need.

If you are someone drawing on social care to live your life, or a family member or ally looking to help people grow their power this is for you. You might come as an individual looking to build your own power or in a group of people from an organisation looking to support members who draw on support to build their power. You will find practical sessions and workshops and opportunities to meet and share with like-minded others as we build people power together.

Of course, this is a Social Care Future gathering so you should also expect fun, connection and inspiration – see you there!

As always please pay if you are in a position to support others to but there are also free places for people not funded to attend by organisations

If you are an organisation able to sponsor to support others to attend, £500, £1000, or £2000 please contact

The flier with more details can be found HERE

You can book your place HERE

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