KeyRing Support Networks

KeyRing recognises that life is about more than a support provider and values mutual support and community involvement.

A KeyRing network is a support model that promotes independence and social inclusion for people who face barriers to living independently, such as those with learning disabilities or mental health issues.

A group of around 10 people form a supportive community, facilitated by support staff who provide guidance, encouragement, and assistance as needed. Network Members explore what they want from life, identify goals, connect with local resources, and coordinate activities that promote social engagement and personal development.

Every Member has something valuable to offer, and they support one another in their daily lives with tasks, emotional support, or simply companionship. People are experts in their own lives, and by pooling resources and skills, people can lead more fulfilling and independent lives.

By fostering a sense of belonging and supporting mutual aid, KeyRing empowers individuals to overcome challenges and live meaningful lives within their communities. The need for formal support is reduced as connection, confidence and skills grow.

The impact includes reduced isolation and loneliness, reduced anti-social behaviour, increased income from paid work opportunities, increased volunteering, improved health and wellbeing, active citizenship and reduced use on services.

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