Community Micro-Enterprises

Community micro-enterprises are small local ventures offering personalised care or support to promote social inclusion and wellbeing in their communities.

Run by local people, who use their energies and talents to establish small enterprises and ventures that enable other local people to get help and care in ways, times and places that suit them.

How they do that is up to the person and what they offer – they may run their enterprise on a voluntary basis, as a sole trader, a partnership, a CIC, company, a co- operative. Some of these enterprises are run by older and disabled people who know what good care and support looks like!

They create good local jobs and keep local money local. They help people live a good life, connected with and contributing to their community.

They provide a wide range of local, small-scale highly personalised support. Depending on the entrepreneur`s skills, qualifications and experience they might offer therapeutic activities, vocational training, arts and crafts, gardening, support in the home, specialist care.

When developed as part of a Community Catalysts structured development programme, community micro-enterprises can play a crucial role in supporting the local health and system to embed person centred (personalised) care, help build connected and resilient communities , promote social cohesion and support the local economy.

See a range of community micro-enterprises here.


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