We don’t want a restart we want a reset – #socialcarefuture talks with Shadow Social Care Minister Liz Kendall MP

Liz Kendall is Shadow Social Care Minister. An MP for ten years, her pre political career focussed on early years. In this interview Liz speaks of her immediate priorities, working to help improve the government’s response to social care during the pandemic. She also speaks about medium and longer term priorities which for her means a transformation of social care based on what matters most to people and families and a linked new deal for workers. She notes how the crisis has brought to the fore what really matters most “All I want to do is see my mum and dad right now”. Liz speaks about some of the glimmers of a possible future emerging during the pandemic including the growth of neighbour to neighbour mutual support. She warns us though that even the current experience of many using social care won’t be enough to win the political attention needed to drive political priority for big change. “People see social care as happening to someone else and it isn’t” and agrees that “reframing” is vital to get public support for the right kind of change so that we can “Turn that clap on a Thursday night into action”

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