Towards an Equal Life Series - Autumn 2021

What’s it all about?

In May 2021 we launched the first findings of the Whose Social Care Future is it Anyway Inquiry. The Inquiry Group of people who draw on social care identified 5 key changes needed, made a series of “first asks” to kick off progress and outlined where next for the Inquiry. 

Below you will find the information and recordings from the series of online gatherings that took place to look deeper into the 5 key changes.

Leading the Lives we Want to Live: 24th February 2022

If you didn’t manage to get along to all or missed part of the Leading the lives we want to live” gathering last week the recordings can be found below. The day was split into two quite different parts – in the morning we had a big conversation about Leading the lives we want to live – what is working and not working for us, our friends and families or people we support. There is a lot we want to change – and to make change we have to have a big focus on solutions. People shared their best ideas about solutions to focus our collective energy and direct our action.

Following this broad discussion in the morning, in the afternoon we had a workshop focussing in on one specific and  important area of challenge and possibility – self-directed support. Think Local Act Personal shared information about their forthcoming publications setting out better practice and people and professionals from some of the places involved shared their experience.


A Big Conversation about Leading the Lives we Want to Live…..


Going again with Self-Directed Support…….

Living in The Place We Call Home: 14th December 2021

Finding ways of transforming the ways people who draw on social care experience ‘home’ so that we can all have #AnEqualLife – people with lived experience gathered to share their experience, knowledge and ideas. There was plenty of discussion around progressive support approaches, housing, commissioning, law, community connections and technology.


Academic colleagues from Manchester Metropolitan University’s Department of Social Care and Social Work, Monique Huysamen and Francesca Ribenfors, pulled together and analysed the experience and ideas people shared and prepared a report summarising the key themes that emerged. 

You can see the report HERE  


You can watch the discussions from throughout the day below:

Welcome and introduction to the day

Living well in your original home – morning session

Living well in your original home – afternoon session, building on the session from the morning

Link to the ‘Jamboards’ for the above sessions

Living well in another kind of accommodation with support – morning session

Living well in another kind of accommodation with support – afternoon session, building on from the morning session

Link to the ‘Jamboards’ for the above sessions

Next steps, action and influence

Communities Where Everyone Belongs:  16th November 2021

New Local and #SocialCareFuture co-hosted a public discussion to focus on how to put people that draw on social care and their communities in the driving seat, how to put power in the hands of people and communities and help them become the architects of their own future. You can watch the session here:

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