#socialcarefuture talks to… Julie Stansfield

This is the first of a new series of Social Care Future interviews and blogs. They will be with and from people who are stepping up to take action to connect and support people and communities during these really hard times of the Corona virus.

We want to share the ideas driving what people are doing and especially the kinds of action being taken. We also want to bring out issues that need addressing.

Looking to the future we are asking for people’s thoughts about how they see things changing in society.

Today we are interviewing Julie Stansfield the CEO of In control, convenor of Behuman and more recently a driving force behind coronaheros. Julie is also one of the convenors of #socialcarefuture and In Control provides hosting and admin support to us . 

With colleagues Julie has set up Coronaheroes to co-ordinate community response to the virus. She speaks about how the mutual response has developed, how it links with statutory support 7 big issues arising. Among these are those facing people using direct payments using personal assistants. Finally Julie offers thoughts about the post virus future.

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