More resources, better used

People told us that the support agreed by their councils is often completely inadequate to meet the cost of support with basic things like washing, let alone living a full life. Moreover, local authority charges for these limited services are taking away the money people might otherwise spend on living a life like others.
  …the assessment system blatantly underplays people’s needs in order to make sure they come under the threshold to qualify for social services-funded help. I don’t think it is acceptable to be unable to bathe properly.”
  Direct Payments have become less and less flexible over the years. The system of assessments and reviews is no longer person centred. The charging policy of the County Council, with the use of the Minimum Income Guarantee is unfair. There is not enough money in the system.”
  (need) To be able to live our lives without worrying about how to manage physically, emotionally, financially, socially because the support to do so will not be rationed or impossible to access.”
  We have some support to reduce the physical problems we face. We are fortunate that our (shrinking) savings and our teacher pensions have enabled us to pay for adaptations which make life easier but also mean we have to pay for the 2 hours per day of carer support.”
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