Living in the place we call home - summary of key themes

In December Social Care Future held a gathering called Living in the place we call home as part of the series following up the Whose Social Care is it Anyway inquiry report. The series is looking in more detail at the Five Key Changes promoted by the reports and this one focussed on home.
Participants, with help from “key-note listeners”, explored what is working and not working in supporting people to live good lives wherever they call home. We then debated ideas and proposals for how we could make things better.
We were helped by academic colleagues from Manchester Metropolitan University’s Department of Social Care and Social Work, Monique Huysamen and Francesca Ribenfors. They pulled together and analysed the experience and ideas people shared and prepared a report for us which you can see HERE. The report will be used alongside other work to help steer the action of the Social Care Future movement and contribute to coproduced work gathering helpful evidence by Research in Practice. We hope you will find the report interesting and helpful in considering what you and your own network might want to do in pursuit of the Social Care Future Vision.
“We all want to live in the place we call home with the people and things that we love in communities where we look out for one another doing the things that matter to us”.
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