Leading the Lives we Want to Lead

People told us that the services they receive are extremely limited, amounting only to support with personal care, not to lead a full life.
  The local authority’s system of Supported Living means that they take all my son’s benefits and give him £25 a week to live on, to add insult to injury they would also remove his Direct Payments because they say he would be getting his care in the supported living house. My son would be left with no social life at all. No gym, no cinema, no music lessons and no social life in the community”
  There needs to be trust in the system, no more demonisation of disabled people as ‘scroungers’ etc.”
  When I first sustained my spinal cord injury in 2009 I had a brilliant social worker who sorted a 24h care package so I could go to uni and I could live a fulfilling life … when I moved funding areas I had to fight to keep this care and every aspect of my life was questioned.”
  Carers only undertake personal care, everything other than that has to be arranged and paid for personally. Many people cannot afford it or are unable to arrange it.”
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