Getting Brilliant Support - A New Series on Values Based Recruitment

There are lots of conversations at the moment about “workforce” with regular issues being registration, “professionalisation” and recruitment. But to what extent do these proposals start from the issues of concern to people who actually draw on social care? Mostly they haven’t been asked. To what degree are they based on evidence or experience that they lead to their assumed goals?
Isn’t it time for a better debate about how to achieve goals of great support and good jobs? One which includes both the views of people who draw on social care and the interests of workers and employers? We will soon help to host this vital debate
As an early  contribution, Social Care Future is hosting a series of 16 blogs by Helen Sanderson about a new approach to recruitment that has values at its heart, pioneered by Wellbeing Teams. Wellbeing Teams are award winning for this approach to recruitment, winning the Guardian Public Service Award for HR and recruitment, the LaingBuison award for recruiters, and Skills for Care award for innovation in recruitment. To be honest though it’s not awards that really matter its getting brilliant support and that is what this series is about
In these blogs Helen goes into the detail of how they recruit in Wellbeing Teams, and what can be learned from this. Each blog is accompanied by reflections from a range of people interested and involved in workforce debates and action.
Helen is working with a large national provider to implement many of these ideas, and Skills for Care will be hosting a free webinar for people who want to learn more at the end of the series. The final blog will include tips to get started and put all or elements of this approach into practice where you are.
We hope that the series will stimulate a better debate about these issues. It will focus on what seems to actually matter in getting the win win for people who draw on social care and workers – including ways of recruiting for values and broadening the search beyond traditional routes. It will include coproduction in the process of recruiting and supporting people and radically different approaches to HR. Please follow the debate on twitter with #vbrecruitment.
Thank you to Oonagh Smith, CEO of Skills for Care, who gets us started with the commentary on the first blog posted on ’10 Features of Value-Based Recruitment in Wellbeing Teams’, and subsequent blogs will be posted every Thursday from the 21st of October.
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