Communities where everyone belongs

People told us that they feel disconnected from the world around them, without the support needed to be part of their communities or share their gifts and talents.
    My care plan is very limited and restrictive. And although I was assessed as needing support to access the community I do not receive that support.”
    I would like to live in an area where there are mixed ages. So families, young adults and elderly, all from different cultures. I would like to be able to look out of the window and see children playing and events happening in my street.”
    Continuity of care would be greatly appreciated. Within a period of about 3 months the company have sent me about 36 different carers”. 
    There needs to be better opportunities for inclusion”. 
    Social care help me wash and dress each morning (9am). Social care help me wash and dress each evening (9pm) This
is it. I live in a ground floor flat that is prone to flooding which means I spend periods of time homeless due to my flat being filled with water. My flat is surrounded by bungalows of elderly people. So I do not see
anyone my age. I am 34. I am left with a TV and internet to entertain myself.”
    People who receive social care live in a ghetto!”
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