Building supportive communities through shared interests, partnership and connections

Three Social Care Future gatherings to build change starting in Manchester on June 29th
You are invited…
The Social Care Future movement is made up of people who play lots of different roles, with people who draw on social care at the heart. Some people lead or work for “support providers” organisations that offer support to help people live their lives. From the start of the movement some of these organisations have been coming together to ask themselves “what is our role in a better future of equal lives and how do we help get there”? Are you asking that question?
These organisations have started from the position that they have to be “more than a provider”. As organisations with resources and people and skills and interests they don’t want to simply or passively respond to commissioning tenders. Instead they want to see themselves as offering a contribution as partners with people who live in the communities they serve. For the past few years some of these organisations have been exploring what that contribution might look like and supporting each other to take action, learn, develop skills and share these.
They now want to get together with others who want to be part of something special, doing similar things in your communities or wanting to support others to do so. In true Social Care Future style they are gathering people together to share, inspire and plan:
  • The event is bringing people who draw on social care, providers, community groups, councils, commissioners, health agencies and others together to explore how we can build supportive communities through shared interests, partnership and connections
  • Will be hearing powerful stories and examples about how people who draw on social care are leading change and developing informal and formal community resources for everyone – we will be reinforcing how people who use social care are advocates and influencers, rather than passive recipients – how co production and co development works
  • How social care should be looking outwards not inwards – how innovative providers are/should be supporting and help shape local communities
  • How we can tell a different story about social care by being and doing different
  • Looking at what makes a supportive inclusive community
The gathering will be exploring all the above through sharing stories, asking questions, using drama and art and just coming together…As usual this is a pay if you can not if you can’t event so money is no barrier to taking part
Do come – here is more information and the link to sign up. See you there!


The gathering organisers are taking the steps they can to reduce covid risk at the event and this information is available from them. Of course each of us has to make an individual judgement of risk depending on our circumstances.
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